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What does this sequence show?

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Posted 2003-April-07, 18:04

What type of hand  and would this sequence show?  

1C  pass pass  2S/2H.  

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Posted 2003-April-07, 19:13

About 13-15 points and a decent 6 card suit. What is generally called an intermediate jump overcall. It is not pre emptive - there is no need to pre empt in the pass out seat.
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Posted 2003-April-17, 02:23

Would say abt 12-15 pts with good 6+cards
AKJxxx+A should be the minimum, KQ109xx+A+AQ should be maximum. Stronger hands must start with DBL
If balancing with jump to level 3 in C or D then a little bit stonger (14-17) since less space for investigatiing possible 3NT.
Another interesting situation is 1C-P-P-? 3H/S
should show not bad 7 carder + out side AQ or equivalent e.g AKxxxxx+A, KQxxxxx+ AK

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Posted 2003-April-17, 07:02

"Stronger hands must start with DBL"? Balancing hands double... stronger hands can cue-bid?

Admittedly, it depends upon what 1C means... short, inconvenient, Precision... but I did see an analysis of the probable Club holding for a short club... odds favour 4-card suit.

P.S. has anyone heard of a defence to the short C? P could have S Axx H xxxx D x C AKQxx?
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